I know I have posted about Route 66 before, but here goes again.

We were in Oklahoma recently for this reason:


One day, we traveled down to just north of Oklahoma City and headed East on Route 66.  Our first stop was in Arcadia at “POPS”.  This is a gas station, restaurant and pop museum on the outskirts of town.


All these bottles on the walls of this gas station/restaurant are different kinds of pop bottles.



We happened to be there on a Tuesday, which is half price burger day, so we had burgers.


Mine was the grilled onion burger.

I really enjoyed the burger and thought it was one of the better ones I have had.  Larry said it was OK, but nothing special.  We both agreed the fries were some of the worst we have ever had.


In the parking lot was this restored old pickup truck.  I just thought it was really neat to be driving the road in this old car.


Next stop, just down the road, was the round barn.



From what I was told, the reason for the round barn was that people believed that a tornado would not destroy a round barn.  And Oklahoma is certainly in tornado alley!

Here is a picture of the road.


Can you imagine back in the 1900’s when this was the major road between Chicago and California.  It was called the “mother road”.  A lot of history along the way!.  We stopped at a Route 66 Museum in Clinton OK along the way.


One of the highlights of this museum was a slide show about a young man who had driven the road back in the 60’s and then drove it again in the early 2000’s.  He stopped the same places and took updated pictures (that were in the slide show).

One place we stopped, but did not go in was “The Rock” café.  If you remember the Disney movie “CARS”, you will be interested to know that the Corvette in that movie is based on the owner of the café.




The rocks that are the building materials for this café came from the excavation for the original route 66 road.

All along the road are small “Tourist Cabins”, that people used to stay in as they traveled this road.   Some are still in operation, some are closed.  It is good to get off the freeway sometimes and explore the side roads where history happened.  To feel what it was like to take the road at a slower pace.  Where the trip was just as exciting as the destination.

We have purchased a couple of books about the road, and hope to travel more of it in the future.

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After spending a week in Chicago (babysitting), we headed up to Door County in Wisconsin.  We met some friends there and the first night we were there we went to dinner at Al Johnsons restaurant ( did a trolley wine tour ( the next day.   It rained that day, so it was nice that we were inside most of the day.

The next day was spent visiting some of the parks on the peninsula.  Our first stop of the day was Cave Point County Park.


Here is a picture of one of the caves by Lake Michigan.


Here is the same cave with a wave crashing into it.


It was a very windy day.

When we were done here, we went to Whitefish Dunes State Park (

We walked “behind” the sand dunes (the dunes were between us and the lakeshore).  I was amazed that there were full size mature trees growing out of the dunes.  I am used to the dunes along the Atlantic coast that are not that tall and just have grass growing on them.  Crossing over to the “front” side of the dunes we walked along the shore back to the trailhead.


We also found this on our way back.


Didn’t affect our appetites though.  We made a picnic lunch of left overs from the restaurants we had eaten at, and also some of the food we had brought along.


We also journeyed almost to the tip of Door County to visit Newport State Park (

Went down by the lake.  There was one part of the beach that had so much pulverized seaweed washing up that it almost looked like an oil spill.  Walking farther down the beach it was clear and beautiful.


Found this part of a tree that had washed ashore.


Went for a short loop hike.


And then drove to an ice cream place.


We headed back home the next morning.





















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After we left the ship the last day of the cruise, we had several hours before our plane left.  I found a wonderful tour company that would pick us and our luggage up at the cruise ship dock, take us on a tour, and then drop us off at the airport.

The tour was called the Sea to Sky tour.  We had a small van with about 18 people on the tour.  We drove north along the shore to a place with a gondola ride up a mountain.


We stopped first at horseshoe bay.  Beautiful little town, right next to the water.


You can see the gondolas in the back ground.  We are about to board.


On the way up (or down).


The viewing bridge.


View from the top of the mountain.  That is the road we came up.


Larry about to embark on a trail at the top of the mountain.


The swinging bridge at the top of the mountain.


Our next stop was at a provincial park that includes the 3rd largest waterfall in the province.    This was the trail to the waterfall.


The water fall through the trees.


A close up of part of the waterfall.


This was our next stop.


In our lovely hard hats about to enter the mine.


This was inside the plant.  I would hate to climb all those stairs every day to get to where my job is located.


A piece of equipment inside the mine.  Our guide is on the left by the yellow wall.  He worked at the mine until it shut down.  Now he conducts some of the tours.


And of course – Larry had to get a picture of this (he was a mining engineer).


This was the last stop.  We headed to the airport and still had  couple of hours before our plane left.  It was an overnight flight to Toronto.  Had to go through US customs in Toronto BEFORE we boarded the plane to Minneapolis.  Arrived in Minneapolis about 9:40 and then drove back home.



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The next to last day was spent at Ketchikan.  We took a tour on a crab boat.


Ketchikan is  the 4th largest city in Alaska with a population of 14,000.


This is Larry with the guide on the boat photo-bombing him!


This is where we stopped after the boat trip for an all you can eat Dungeness  crab dinner.



This was our table full of crab shells after we ate.  And we didn’t even win the prize for the highest mound of crab shells!  These were some of the best crab I have ever eaten.



Crab on the dock by the George Inlet Lodge.

Our last full day on the ship was a sea day.  It was beautiful, warm, sunshine.  Lots of people finally lounging around the pool.  There was a pod of Orcas seen from the deck.  We sailed the inside passage following the Disney ship “wonder”.


This last picture is the stained glass over the entrance to the main dining room.





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A day in Skagway.  The guys all went on the white pass railroad to Canada, stopped for a salmon bake lunch and headed back to Skagway.

The ladies went shopping!  It is always my intention to not buy any more quilting projects until I finish up the one’s I have.  Needless to say, that thought was quickly buried when I saw the quilt kits available.


This is the quilt kit I purchased, at Rushin’ Tailor   (. .

The ladies I was with purchased jewelry.  Other than my wedding ring and engagement ring, I really don’t wear jewelry.

We had lunch at Olivia’s Bistro  ( .  This was the same place we ate at two years ago!



Here are the guys on their train trip.


View from the train.  Larry and I went on this train trip two years ago.  There are some very narrow tracks and steep drop-offs.


Loading up with food at the salmon bake.


I like this sign.   I believe they heard “tall tales” here.


The bus they toured the town in.


And yes they even visited a (former) bordello.




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This was another port day:  Icy Straight Point.

We all went on a valley nature hike.  Mostly at my urging.  We were bused and then hiked to a viewing platform by a river where the salmon were running.  Should have been several bears there feeding.  We saw one.

Larry got several photos of the one bear we saw – our guide said the bears name was George.


This is Larry’s favorite picture of George, sitting in the river.


Here he is watching us!  Notice his distinctive white “necklace”.


This is George enjoying one of the salmon he caught.


This is our tour group listening to our guide.


Here we are on our way back to the ship.  Me, Ray and Kathy.  The long “dock” connecting the ship to the land had just been finished a couple of weeks earlier.

Sorry, but basically this was a very disappointing day.  Fortunately the wonderful meals served on board helped make up for it!











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We had some time before our shore excursion today, so we went into downtown Juneau.



Stopped at the Red Dog Saloon.


Waitresses are in period costumes.


At the upstairs table.


Ready for a drink!


Sawdust covered the floor downstairs.


We did the Mendenhall Glacier River float trip today.

Couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.  It was a 4 – 5 hour trip.


This was us struggling into the rubberized suits we had to wear – the water was super cold.


More of us trying to get into our “suits”.


they are so figure flattering.


In line waiting to board our raft.


Back row – Dick, me, Jan.


Other rafts on the same trip.


At the end of the trip.  We all survived – even Ray who got doused with water on one of the rapids.








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